Akbar birbal a myth

​The so called “Akbar-Birbal” stories are actually one of the biggest propaganda of the so called “Secular” Congress party. 

Neither was Birbal such a witty minister, nor were there such witty anecdotes from the Mughal Durbar. 
In fact, all those were actually from the Vijayanagar Empire, and those were “Tenali Rama” anecdotes. The educational committees set-up by Congress simply ripped-off all the stories of Tenali Rama which took place in the court of Maharaja Krishnadevaraya, and presented them as “Akbar-Birbal” stories. 
Now you might wonder, if those stories were indeed true, but instead of Mughal Empire, if those happened in Vijayanagar Empire, then why not teach about Tenali Rama & Vijayanagar itself? Sounds logical, but it is against “Secularism” because if children are taught stories of Tenali Rama, then they will try to find out more about him. They will find out that he was from Vijayanagar Empire. Naturally, the next quest out of curiosity, would be to find out more about Vijayanagar Empire, and that’s exactly what the Seculars want to avoid. Because the moment children find out about Vijayanagar Empire, then they will realize the rich & glorious history of our land, and will automatically know about the Islamic invasions, the brutal killings (massacres) of thousands & lakhs of Hindus, the gruesome demolitions of temples of Hampi and the total ruthless destruction of an entire empire which epitomized Hinduism in all its glory. 
When they try to find out why lakhs of innocents were massacred & an entire kingdom was destroyed, then they will automatically find out that it is because the particular “holy book” says so. It says that all those who do not believe in the book (Kafirs) should be destroyed. 
And this way, the hollowness of the “peaceful” religion will be completely exposed. Then, there will be calls for “reform”. There will be widespread demand for UCC. And so on. But calling for any kind of reform of “peaceful” religion is against secularism. 
Hence, the best thing is to bury real history altogether, present a “whitewashed, secular” history and portray terrorists as saviors. Bury the history of Tenali Rama & Krishnadevaraya, and instead, present Akbar-Birbal, portray the Mughal Badshahs as role model Kings, and present terrorists like Aurangzeb as the most secular ruler. Portray “peaceful” religion as an innocent minority, and as a victim, so that an entire generation of youngsters turn into “liberals” (In fact, I know several youngsters who call themselves liberals, and they actually sympathize even with terrorists like Burhan Wani, calling such terrorists as just  “misguided youth”). These liberals go on to become “foot soldiers” of “liberalism”, who will then enthusiastically & relentlessly fight against “communalism”, label anybody who narrates true history, as an “insensitive”, “bigoted”, “communal” etc. 
To know more about Congress Party’s Cunning “Secular Strategies” to distort true history, read the following article by SL Bhyrappa:

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