That last hug!

He was going away from home for several days and so was seeing the family off in the morning to catch his flight.
Maa Papa everyone followed him till the door, She, his wife was trying to console the crying Son who was not letting the father go as He also wanted to accompany him. She tried to calm him but the kid was wailing awefully.
So He asked her to take the child inside so that He could make his way out of the door !
Finally she grabbed the child & began pulling him inside. Back when she turned, His eyes were gazing at her only.  She looked into his eyes & gave a smile which said “Jaan now you can proceed I’ll take care here”. He smiled with a slight pain inside his heart as He wished to give her “That Last Hug” before departing! It was not just a hug but it was the moment which they both were going to cherish till they meet again. It was a sign of assurance of how much they loved each other & this eternal love only will keep them going when their material body will be away from each other !

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